Development Leads to Nightmares for Some Residents


Alex Gallo

As more high-density development comes to Elysian Valley, residents like Estela who has owned her home for over 30 years, are being negatively affected. This over-scale development is consistently permitted by Los Angeles City Planning. Estela said, “I am so upset to find that our councilman Mitch O’Farrell hasn’t stopped the development until a proper study of the impact on our environment and traffic has been completed. He is putting profit first and our health and safety last. I also worry about my home. The mayor and councilman said the development in Elysian Valley would only bring good things to the community. It has affected me personally now with the riverfront apartments that were built around my home. They took my view and privacy and my property has lost its value. I have even lost some of my long-time friends that rented in Elysian Valley because the rents are so high. I feel that we are being pushed out. I worked hard for many years to build my dream home and in a short time my dream has become a nightmare.” There are many other residents in Elysian Valley that feel the same way as Estela, and they have formed a grassroots community action group F.R.O.G. that works to organize renters and home owners in Elysian Valley. If you would like more information in English or Spanish please send an email to



  • All of Elysian Valley residents should read this article and ask themselves if they still believe the stories of councilman Mitch O ‘ Farrell and mayor Eric Garcetti . Both Mitch and Eric have told the residents of Elysian Valley that no harm will come to the historical community of Elysian Valley they have been quoted saying the revitalization of the Los Angele’s River can only bring good things to Elysian Valley. One of Elysian Valley’s long time resident Estella had her privacy taken away and her home has suffered a lost all in the name of Revitalizing the Los Angele’s River. The revitalization of the river is not only effecting Estella but all of Elysian Valley. We have some of our Elysian Valley Riverside neighborhood council members who feel that we should welcome this change and to be grateful that the developers give us a few benefits. What some of the members Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood council have not taken in to consideration is what the public wants and that the benefits that the developers offer come with heavy cost to the health and safety of the residents of the great community of Elysian Valley. The River Front project also known as the (Bimbo) will bring over 500 more people in to the already problematic Elysian Valley. This will also bring more cars which means more traffic and add more pressure to an already failing 70 year old infrastructure. This story is an eye opening gift of what is to come and we should all join F.R.O.G a newly formed 100% grass root community organization with community members that have many generations of Frogtowners. You can reach them at Please come to your Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council meetings the third Thursday of every month at 6:00pm Alessandro elementary school on riverside Drive hope to see you all their.

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